Connector Coin

The official currency of Connector App



Connector Coin is a token on the Polygon Network.
Users will get secure, fast, and almost free transactions.

Definite use case

Demand and Rewards

Price is a result of demand. Demand is driven by benefits.
1. Advertisers pay crypto to appear on the Connector map.
2. When using Connector Coin , advertisers get 50% discount.
3. 10% of inflow goes to independent Account Executives*.
4. 5% of advert inflow rewards Connector early adopters.
5. A separate 5% block is given to all active users.
6. Increasing user count drives advertiser demand for coin.

Looking forward

Token Economics

Standard...............................ERC-20 (Polygon)
Max Supply...........................313,000,000
ICO Issuance........................39,125,000
Tentantive ICO date...........2022/02/01
Estimated ICO Price ..........0.25

FInd your kind!

Connector App

Leverage the power of intentional relationships, like the 1% do.
Find a new friend who shares your hobbies and lives nearby.
Skip all the Mr. Wrongs and find Mr. RIGHT.
Talk to a plumber who is already in the area-directly, immediately.
Be notified of upcoming concerts and events where ever you are!
Meet up with groups for classes and gatherings
Grow you tribe, business, club - fast.
Message contacts privately with built in XMPP messenger
Receive Connector Coin in your wallet monthly.

Who are we?

Voluntary Values

We are "voluntaryists". We believe we can build a peaceful world if we find what we need with voluntary relationships instead of using the violence and coercion of government. We are building Connector App and Connector Coin with the primary mission to help our users to leverage the power of intentional relationships.



From concept to development to future partnerships. Meet our growing team.

Anam Paiseanta
Chief Executive

Author. Public Speaker
Creator of Connector

Chris Heimark
Chief Technology

Voluntaryist. Developer
Electrical Engineer
Technology Investor

Kingsley Edwards

CEO of
Advisor to Connector

Dr Bobby Owl

Phd Psychology
Statistics Server Dev


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Join Our Community

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Demand and Rewards

Where will Connector Coin get its Value?

Definite Use Case

Connector Coin will get its value from its definite use case. Advertisers want to appear on the Connector Map for users who have matching affinities in their profiles. For instance, the mountain bike store will be visible on the map ONLY to users with "Mountain Biking" in their list of affinities(more on this here). This is powerful for advertisers because it is super targeted marketing and "opt-in" by the users. Instead of nuisance commercials , this is passive advertising that the users want to see. No other businesses will appear in the users map that is not related to his own chosen affinities. A user with "Mountain Biking", "Hunting"' and "Snowboarding" as his chosen affinities will see mountain bike stores, guns and ammo stores and snowboarding stores on his map, he will not see unrelated advertising. Connector will charge the advertisers 0.10 CHF per user per month. If an advertiser chooses to be visible to 20,000 users, they will pay 2,000 CHF equivalent, payable in BitcoinCash, Monero, Flote Token, or Connector Coin.Advertisers that pay in Connector Coin will receive a 50% discount.

Upward market pressure from decoupled price and demand.

Regardless of market price, advertisers may chose to buy Connector Coin knowing that they will "double their money" when spending it on advertising. Advertisers may become the largest group of Connector Coin buyers and they turn over their coins to Connector monthly. We return coins to the market place monthly by paying Account Executives, rewarding Connector users, and returning them to the market on DEXs. Learn more about our token economics here.

Size of Market

Connector App has functions that intersect with markets worth hundreds of billions of dollars annually. Connector allows users to connect in 4 categories and the first category (Friends) has hundreds of subcategories within it. Advertisers pay to be seen by those with relevant interests specified in their profiles.It is estimated that sporting goods suppliers in the U.S. spent $404 million in advertising dollars in 2019. Outdoor activities are just one subgroup of many possible profile affinities a user may choose.It is estimated that $5.61 Billion was spent on dating apps globally in 2021.It is estimated that ticket sellers will see global transaction value of over $1 trillion by 2025.To understand how Connector will capture growing percentages of those markets, please see the White Paper.It is estimated that in 2020, $231 billion (2012 dollars) were spent in the United States for professional placement services according to the U.S. Bureau of Economic AnalysisThere are 7.8 billion beautiful human beings on the planet and most have access to cell phones or computers. Everyone needs to network with others. In the past we made relationships with people we met on accident. We made friends with classmates who we had nothing in common with other than our age. We made romantic relationships with mates that were maybe attractive and lived nearby, but usually not really a match. We ignore businesses advertising because it is a nuisance instead of a tool for the consumer. We often hear of concerts after the performance. Discovering classes and lectures about our interests is clumsy at best. If "our net worth is our network", we all need a tool that helps us create intentional relationships, fast.Connector App creates easy solutions to these problems...We will translate the app into as many languages as possible, starting with Irish in late 2023, then Spanish in early 2024. We want to empower everyone with the ability to plant a flag on our map and say "Here I am! This is what I have to offer the world and this is what I am looking for!". (insert peace and prosperity)
It is our belief that there is no limit to the number of users who can be active on the Connector Map. We all need to "find our kind".


User count will increase in number and activity because users get the following: Search for friends based on affinity and location.
Search for dates with very specific qualifications.
Search for Mobile Service Providers for immediate help.(plumber, mechanic, etc)
Find temporary employees, advisors, investors, tutors.
Get notified of concerts and performances based on your interests and location.
Get notified of classes and lectures based on your interests and location.
Find and join group activites.
Users get rewarded in crypto monthly for every active account!

Cyclical Reinforcement

When users realize the usefulness of Connector App and that they will GET PAID to be an active on it, user count and frequency will increase. This will motivate advertisers to seek Connector Coin in order to double their exposure on the Connector Map. Demand drives price.

Token Economics

Connector Coin Details*

Standard....................................ERC-20 ( Polygon )
Max Supply................................313,000,000
Initial Supply..............................54,775,000 (Q1,2022)
Circ. Supply after Q3,2023.....209,710,000

Initial Supply Schedule*

  • • Presale 5%

  • • Angel 1%

  • • Founder 1%

  • • ICO ( Q1, 2023) 12.5%

  • • Lock Release (Q3, 2023) 12.5%

  • • Lock Release (Q1, 2024) 12.5%

  • • Lock Release (Q3, 2024) 12.5%

  • • Airdrop to early adopters 10%

  • • Reserves 33%

Monthly Distributions Schedule*

The purpose of this section is not accounting. This is an estimate of how Connector Coin will circulate back into the market.

  • 10% Account Executives

  • 5% Early Adopters Rewards

  • 5% Active Users Rewards

  • 20% Operating Costs

  • 30% Returned to DEXs (Sold on decentralized exchanges)

  • 10% Reserves

  • 10% Investment

  • 10% Connector Charity Fund

*All figures are early stage estimates